Steering Wheel Desk MAX™
Steering Wheel Desk MAX™
Steering Wheel Desk MAX™
Steering Wheel Desk MAX™
Steering Wheel Desk MAX™
Steering Wheel Desk MAX™
Steering Wheel Desk MAX™

Steering Wheel Desk MAX™

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The Perfect Car and Traveling Accessory Ever!

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A MUST have: This Multipurpose Hook On Steering Wheel Tray is the perfect accessory to have in your car for a quick snack or breakfast or to get a small office while traveling. The Car Tray is slim and lightweight and doesn’t take up large amounts of space in your vehicle. Just store in the back of the seat pocket for quick and easy access.

Our Steering Wheel Desk MAX™ makes eating, reading, drinking, and much more simple and Easy to use. This multipurpose tray organizer is sturdy enough to support a tablet, notebook, laptop, and even a full lunch with a large drink! The tray is made of high quality and will last a long time. It is perfect if you need to eat or study on the go.

Our portable travel tray is designed to fit most steering wheels, is simple and easy to install. Also, your car will stay cleaner as you wont experience those messy problems of dropping your food and drink everywhere. The tray is recommended for people that are constantly traveling. It’s the perfect travel gift.

Whether this is working on your laptop or grabbing some lunch, our Steering Wheel Desk MAX™ is the perfect tool for the job.

Why do you need the Steering Wheel Desk MAX™?

Have you thought of all the times you’re working with your computer on your lap for hours, and eating your breakfast, lunch and many dinners uncomfortably in your car seat? Think of how awesome it might be to have a portable desk to work on while inside your car...

This Steering Wheel Desk MAX™ is the most cost effective way to increase your in-vehicle comfort while working or eating on the road.

So easy to use that it only takes a moment to slip it onto the steering wheel of your parked vehicle. 

This desk is 2-sided. One side provides a stable work surface for mobile working with your laptop or tablet computer, and the other side is a place where you can comfortably eat a meal.

It is thick but lightweight and portable and tough enough to take the weight of your laptop. It can easily be stored out of view under a seat if needed.

This is perfect and very helpful for workers whose majority of their day are spent in their car traveling for work.
  • For Home Health Nurses traveling to patients' houses every time and need to do patients’ documentation between home health visits.
  • For Police / Investigators / Law Enforcers typing or writing incident reports in their patrol cars.
  • For Utility Workers who need to be on-the-go for their next job or emergency, and filling out work orders.
  • For Sales Rep, Entrepreneurs, Managers that has a lot of appointments and important documents to sign with different business partners and clients.
  • For Students who need can study and go over notes before class.

Aside from that, you can put your tablet or phone on the desk and watch movies or videos.  You can rest your book or magazines on the table as you read. You’ll basically never have a reason to leave your car again!

⚠️ BUT, before anyone starts freaking out, this product is only recommended to use when you’re parked. 

Simply remove the desk and stow it in a door compartment, seat-back pocket, or underneath your seat before hitting the road for your next appointment or delivery.


Note: It is recommended to remove steering wheel covers before using the desk. The desk may not fit the steering wheel due to the wider size of the steering wheel cover.


  • Material(s): ABS Plastic
  • Dimension: 16.5 x 11 x 1 inches
  • Max. Weight Bearing: 11.02 lbs (5 kg)
  • Steering Wheel Compatibility: 14 ½ inches to 17 ½ inches
Package Inclusion:
1 x Steering Wheel Desk MAX™

Working or eating from your car is not ideal. Still, for many of us, it’s a necessary part of the working day.

Whether you’re a business person regularly on the road between clients, or a ride-share driver who wants a more comfortable downtime between stops, there is no denying that this Steering Wheel Desk will be incredibly useful for you.

Limited Quantity. Please check stock availability.

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